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Data Science for the Sciences Certificate

Students learn skills that will allow them to analyze and make inference from the types of data that arise in their major. The certificate is accessible to a wide variety of majors, and provides a pathway for students to enroll in more advanced data science curriculum. Pre-requisites: College Algebra or Precalculus (Math 143 or 149).


Data Science for the Sciences CertificateCredits
CS 133 Foundations of Data Science3
CS 233 Essentials of Data Science3
Choose 1 set of mathematics and statistics courses:

MATH 161 Mathematics for Data Science AND
MATH 160 Survey of Calculus OR MATH 170 Calculus I

*MATH 301 Linear Algebra AND
MATH 360 Engineering Statistics OR MATH 361 Probability and Statistics I



* For students planning to go to graduate school in data science or economics