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Educational Access Center (EAC)

Academic accommodations for students who have temporary or permanent disabilities.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Boise State — or new to the EAC — and need accommodations, start by filling out our request form. From there, we’ll chat with you about how we can create a personalized accommodation plan.

Submit a Request for Services
Activate Accommodations

Next Steps

If you’ve got an accommodation plan, your next step is to activate your accommodations through the Access Portal. Remember, you’ll have to do this each semester after you register for your classes. Any time you add or withdraw from a class, be sure to update your accommodations.

Activate class accommodations for the semester

Additional Services

Housing Accommodations

Request Housing Accommodations

ASL Interpreters

Request Sign Language Interpreters

Become a Note Taker

Notetaker application

Faculty Portal

Manage class accommodations