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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have a learning disability, but have never been tested. How do I get tested?

The EAC maintains a list of qualified professionals who can work with you to determine if you have a learning disability. Stop by the EAC or e-mail us for a copy.

Who pays for the testing?

Students are responsible for any costs incurred in documenting a disability.

My documentation states that I should get a specific accommodation, but the EAC says it is not an appropriate accommodation— Why?

Boise State must provide reasonable accommodation to students with documented disabilities. The EAC staff uses your documentation as a guideline for determining appropriate accommodations. While doctors may suggest possible accommodations, we are not required to follow the doctor’s recommendations. In addition to ensuring access for students, the EAC must also ensure that accommodations do not interfere with the integrity of the class or academic standards of the university.

When do accommodations begin?

  • Accommodations take effect when your instructor in notified of the approved accommodation.
  • We strongly recommend that you make an appointment or visit during an office hour with each professor to discuss your accommodations. This ensures that everyone is clear on how the accommodations will be implemented in each particular class.
  • If you or your professor has concerns regarding any of the accommodations, contact the EAC immediately.
  • Accommodations approved by the EAC are not retroactive.

Do I need to meet with the EAC each semester to receive accommodations?

No, but you do need to submit a request for accommodations in each class every semester.  Accommodation letters are specific to each class, so anytime you have a schedule change (e.g., add or drop classes, change to a different section of the same class) you will need to submit request or cancel your accommodations through the Access Portal. If you need to make any changes to your accommodations then you will schedule an appointment with the EAC to discuss your concerns.

I need a private tutor in a class. Will the EAC arrange that for me?

Tutoring is not an accommodation so is not arranged through the EAC. We can connect you to campus tutoring resources. Some free tutoring is available to all Boise State students but any private tutoring costs are your responsibility.