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Department of Geosciences

We create and disseminate knowledge about Earth processes and properties

We believe that the creative integration of research with education will promote excellence in both

Congratulations to our Graduates!


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Building leaders through...


Students can earn Degrees, Minors, and Certificates in Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, Geoscience Education, and Geographic Information Systems. In all programs we enable students to discover and develop knowledge and skills they can use to achieve their professional goals and pursue solutions to resource and environmental challenges facing the state, nation, and world.


Students have excellent opportunities to engage with our scientists in research addressing fundamental Earth Science issues of international importance and local relevance. We generate new knowledge on the processes and properties of our planet and its connections to other sciences and society using observations, instrumentation and computations.


We are committed to the idea that a fundamental role of the university in society is to help create a scientifically informed community. Our faculty and students actively engage with the community to provide opportunities for people to learn more about the planet on which they live.

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Department News

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Upcoming Seminars

Emma McCully Thesis Defense

Jake Graham-Thesis Defense

Peter Youngblood Thesis Defense

Megan Mason Thesis Defense

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