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Keeping it thin and hot: Plume-lithosphere interaction in the Galápagos

Interaction between mantle plumes and proximal mid-ocean ridges are well documented. These interactions produce geochemical and geophysical anomalies along nearly one fifth of the Earth’s mid-ocean ridges, however, the affect of a near-axis plume on the oceanic lithosphere between the plume and the ridge is poorly constrained. In this talk, I will present calculations of crustal thickness and plate flexure using ship-board gravity and multibeam bathymetry collected during the MV1007 cruise to the Northern Galápagos Volcanic Province, the region between the Galápagos Archipelago and the Galápagos Spreading Center. The results have implications for mantle flow, melting, and lithospheric thickness at the Galápagos and all near-ridge hotspots.