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Graduate Degrees

Students interested in pursuing graduate work should contact the appropriate graduate program coordinator associated with the degree program, as well as faculty members whose research you find interesting. Being proactive to identify a faculty member who has parallel research interests is an important first step in finding a suitable research program for any potential graduate student.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's ProgramsDoctoral Programs
Master of Science (M.S.) in GeosciencesDoctorate (Ph.D.) in Geophysics
Master of Earth Science (M.E.Sci.)Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Geosciences
Master of Science (M.S.) in Geophysics
Master of Science (M.S.) in Hydrologic Sciences

General Information

Students interested in applying to one of our graduate degree programs should review the information below.

Department Admissions

In addition to the minimum requirements set by the graduate college, the Department of Geosciences has admission requirements related to our graduate programs.

Admission Timelines

Not all departments on campus have the same admission timeline. Information regarding admission deadlines for the Department of Geosciences can be found at Student Resources: How to Apply. In addition, we encourage all active graduate students to add the Graduate College Deadline and Events calendar to their own personal calendars so they do not miss important deadlines.

Financial Aid

Students often ask about financial aid/assistance for graduate degrees in the Geosciences. Students can find more information about what the Department of Geosciences offer at Student Resources: Financial Aid.

Student Resources

Information for prospective and current graduate student concerning department life, internal degree requirements, and other useful information can be found on our student resources page.

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