Graduate Degrees

Students interested in pursuing graduate work should contact the appropriate graduate program coordinator below, as well as faculty members whose research you find interesting. Admission decisions often rely on having a faculty advocate and being proactive in identifying a faculty member who has parallel research interests greatly increases your chances for admission.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduate DegreesProgram CoordinatorDegree Requirements and Learning OutcomesProgram Learning Outcomes
Master of Science (M.S.) in GeoscienceDr. Brittany Brand
(208) 426-4154
Master of Science in Geoscience Requirements
Master of Science (M.S.) in GeophysicsDr. Dylan Mikesell
(208) 426-1404
Master of Science in Geophysics Requirements
Master of Science (M.S.) in Hydrologic SciencesDr. Alejandro Flores
(208) 426-2903
Master of Science in Hydrologic Sciences Requirements
Master of Earth Science (M.E.Sci.)Dr. James McNamara
(208) 426-1354
Master of Earth Science Requirements
Doctorate (Ph.D.) in GeosciencesDr. Brittany Brand or Dr. Alejandro FloresDoctorate in Geosciences Requirements
Doctorate (Ph.D.) in GeophysicsDr. Dylan Mikesell
(208) 426-1404
Doctorate in Geophysics Requirements

Department Admissions & Financial Aid

See Student Resources for details on the Department’s admission process, financial assistance, and deadlines.

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