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MEd in Educational Leadership

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership is a unique and incredible Master’s program.  Check it out:

What is it?

It is a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a principal preparation program.  It meets the Idaho requirement for candidates to apply for a principal endorsement.

We also have a growing number of students who work in higher education.  For those students, we focus key assignments each semester on leadership in the higher education setting.  We welcome you!

How is it set up?

The program is a closed cohort structure.  This means a cohort of students begin each fall and stay together for the duration of the program.  You are bonded – and that has some huge benefits.

Our program consists of five courses and an integrated curriculum.  We do not teach topic-specific classes, instead we blend key concepts throughout the five semesters.  We use a Problem-Based Learning approach to deliver our curriculum.  Each course is 6-credits, and we meet on Thursday evenings and one Saturday a month.

Department Name: Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies

Official Degree Name: Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Degree Type: Master of Education

Got Questions?

Please contact Dr. Rob Winslow, Program Coordinator, at

What can I do with this degree?

A Master’s degree in Educational Leadership will open doors! Graduates of the program go on to become school administrators, deans, instructional coaches, and master teachers. Students who go through the program accelerate their careers in higher education as well as other educational institutes. Leadership skills are transferrable to any career, and earning a Master’s degree demonstrates your sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

Degree Requirements and Advising Resources

Costs and Scholarships

Boise State provides an affordable, quality education to improve your future. Scholarship opportunities are available for residents and nonresidents, making it even more affordable to attain a quality education.

The College of Education also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. 

The Cost and Value of a Boise State Graduate Education

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