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About the Teacher Education Scholarship Program


The mission of the Teacher Education Scholarship program is to:

  • Support promising candidates who demonstrate financial need.
  • Recognize and support academic excellence and high standards.
  • Recognize and retain students who demonstrate the potential to become effective teachers.

Criteria and Scholarships

All applicants are evaluated according to the criteria established for specific scholarships, including academic achievement. A 2-page essay is required and provides you with the opportunity to explain your commitment to teaching and why you are a strong candidate for a scholarship. Most scholarships require a minimum 3.0, while some have a lower or higher GPA requirement. Any student with a GPA below 3.0 is asked to address their plans for improving their GPA. While a 3.0 is not a requirement to apply for scholarships, it may be helpful to know that generally fewer than 5% of our applicants have GPAs lower than 3.0. Many undergraduate scholarships prioritize candidates who are already admitted to Teacher Education or the Professional Year. For example, in recent years, fewer than 5% of incoming first-year students who applied received scholarships while more than 70% of rising-senior applicants received scholarships. Therefore, the scholarship committee encourages students to re-apply each year even if they are not selected for an award early in their time at Boise State.

Click here for the ‘How to Apply’ checklist to begin your application. Read the application carefully, answer all questions, and submit a detailed, well-written required two-page essay. This means that you must provide accurate, thorough information about yourself so that the Scholarship Committee can consider you for all scholarships for which you qualify.
If you are seeking a degree or certification or both in teacher education, you have two types of scholarships available: departmental scholarships and designated scholarships.

Departmental scholarships are funded for majors in that department only. You should check carefully your major plan on for accuracy and update this section as necessary. You may not be considered for departmental scholarships if your major plan does not match the majors available within the department. If you are seeking certification in secondary education, you should apply for departmental scholarships through the department of your major.

Designated scholarships are funded by private donors. Donors specify criteria for selecting recipients. Criteria may include such things as grade point average, class standing or major. Sometimes donors specify uncommon criteria for selecting recipients. For example, donors may specify that a recipient be a single parent, a student interested in environmental education, or a student who graduated from a certain Idaho high school.

It is important that you provide accurate, thorough information about yourself. Please read the application carefully. Check all boxes that apply to you, and expand on these in the required two-page essay. This will allow the Scholarship Committee to consider you for all scholarships for which you qualify.

Click here for the Boise State Financial Aid website for information about scholarships based on need, loans, and other private scholarships. In addition, to apply for protected class scholarships, please complete the Boise State Foundation Scholarship Application. Members of under-represented groups (e.g., students with disabilities, minority students, and students whose first language is not English) are encouraged to apply.


Awardees will be notified via BroncoMail account by March 22. Recipients must accept their award within 30 days of receiving notification or the scholarship will be canceled.

Students who are awarded a private donor scholarship are expected to write a thank you letter to the scholarship donor. Students who do not write thank you letters will not receive their scholarship and may forfeit eligibility for future scholarships. Additionally, awardees will be invited to attend an event with scholarship donors in the spring. Awardees are expected to make every effort to attend or send a note of regret. Please recognize that donors are making a personal commitment to support awardees’ education and taking time to show your appreciation is essential.

Be sure to visit the How to Apply checklist to begin your application. Note FAFSA and applications are due by February 15th. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Students who complete FAFSA after February 15 (or do not complete FAFSA at all) will not be considered for priority aid or for need-based scholarships.

Click here for the ‘How to Apply’ checklist.

Click here for the FAFSA website.

If you or your family experience a significant change in finances after submitting your FAFSA, there may be options to have your financial aid eligibility re-evaluated.

Click here for details on financial aid re-evaluation

If you have additional questions, please contact the Scholarship Committee Chair:
Rachel Rowe, Director of Educator Success at

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