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Undergraduate Certificate in eLearning Design

100% Online Program

This eLearning Design certificate (12 credits) prepares you to partner with teachers and curriculum designers to implement educational materials within online and in-person learning experiences. Based on project-based instruction, the different courses in this certificate provide interactive ways to design technology-based learning experiences.

The instructional designer role is in high demand within training and educational settings due to an increase in virtual learning, online skill development, and educational technologies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists instructional designers under instructional coordinators.  According to the Bureau, the employment outlook for instructional designers is strong, with a 10 percent increase in positions expected between 2020 and 2030. The median annual wage was $63,740 per year ($30.64 per hour) in 2021.

The Undergraduate Certificate in eLearning Design program is 100% online.

  • Department Name: Department of Educational Technology
  • Official Certificate Name: Undergraduate Certificate in eLearning Design
  • Certificate Type: Undergraduate Certificate

Degree Requirements and Advising Resources