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About Us

The Network of Leaders and Learners is a capacity building initiative designed to connect and encourage educators through innovative professional learning experiences.

We want to create and sustain partnerships between higher education and PK-12 with a commitment to continuous improvement in leadership development and educational practice. Specifically, the Network is an effort to further bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice through ongoing partnerships between researchers and practitioners. By working together, those who do rigorous analysis and those who need strong evidence to inform their work can have a greater impact on policy and practice.

We have a talented network of presenters, coaches, researchers, and facilitators who are prepared to work with you on a wide range of topics.


Dedicated to creating successful leaders and communities of learning.


Supporting a system of leaders at all levels to achieve the best outcomes.


Build relationships, share effective practices, manage change, and commit to continuous improvement.


Dr. Heather Williams, Director

Dr. Sara Hagenah

Dr. Julianne Wenner

Dr. Wiley Dobbs

Andy Wiseman

Greg Lowe

Brandee Sabala

Janet Williamson

Geri Gillespy

Janet Avery

Heather Hepworth

Brett Williams

Monica White

Joel Eskelsen

Dr. Lisa Beymer

Dr. AJ Zenkert

Dr. Carolyn Cort