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Program Evaluation And Research Lab

PEARL offers many different services to those seeking assistance and for those looking to partner with research/evaluation experts.  We recognize that each study is unique and can face a variety of challenges.  Therefore, each PEARL engagement begins with a consultation meeting with a PEARL affiliate.  This meeting will identify just how PEARL can best assist you and support your study.

Below is a list of general services PEARL provides.

  • Evaluator and/or Senior Methodologist for funded studies
    • Assist with proposal development
    • Joining projects that require an evaluation component and/or methods/analysis expertise
  • PEARL engagement for research/evaluation project
    • Needs assessments Formative, Process, or Outcome evaluations
    • Cost/Benefit analyses Experimental studies
    • Survey instrument development
    • Sampling strategies
    • Quantitative/Qualitative data collection Simulation studies
  • Statistics and data analysis
    • Advanced statistical analysis (e.g., SEM, HLM, IRT, etc.)
    • Scale/measure development
    • Power analysis
    • Content analysis
  • Data collection strategies
    • Online, mail, and phone surveys
    • Focus groups and Interviews
    • Observations
    • Standardized subject development