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Photo of Buster Bronco and TRIO Upward Bound Students

You might be wondering what it’s like to be a part of Boise State University TRIO Educational Talent Search. Here’s a list of some our most frequently asked questions. See the other pages listed on the right for more information about our program.

How do you qualify for TRIO?
These are some ways a student might qualify for TRIO:

  • Eligible to receive free/reduced lunch at school
  • Neither parent has a Bachelor’s degree
  • Academically motivated (2.5 GPA or higher)
  • Expressed interest in higher education (2 year, 4 year, tech school, etc)
How much time does it take to participate in the TRIO program?
This is up to you – it can take as little as one hour each quarter or 1 hour a week. You decide which services to utilize based on your immediate or future needs.
Does it cost money to join?
No – everything in the program is free!
Why should I join?
We provide outstanding support, have great services that are free of charge, and you will be more likely to achieve your educational goals.
What will I be required to do?
Once you have been accepted in the program, you will be required to participate in one activity, event, or workshop each semester – you choose the activity as well as how much time to commit.
How long can I be in the program?
Until you graduate from high school. You can then join some of our sister programs as you continue your educational goals.