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Teacher Prep Student Gabbi Lopac Receives FON Scholarship

TRIO Teacher Prep would like to congratulate Gabbi Lopac for receiving the Friends of NAEOP Scholastic Achievement Award in the amount of $1,500. The Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs (NAEOP) is the regional association of educational opportunity personnel from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.  NAEOP brings together program professionals who have shared interest in the educational and cultural development of TRIO program students.

Last week, Gabbi traveled to Bellevue, WA to receive her award in person and give a short speech at the Friends of NAEOP Luncheon. She shared that attending the NAEOP conference was a fantastic experience that allowed her to feel more connected to her professional community–

“The short glimpse I got made me excited to attend these kinds of events in the future and gave me a broader perspective to take back to the classroom.”

Regarding her thoughts on applying to scholarships, Gabbi believes in the value of applying to as many scholarships as possible. She shared that with practice, they become easier to complete– “Many materials (essays, letters of recommendation) that you prepare for one scholarship can be easily transferred to other scholarships. If you think about something similar to an hourly job, the worth becomes clearer. For example, in preparing the Friends of NAEOP Scholastic Achievement Award application, I spent 5-7 hours of my time. I was awarded $1,500, which divides out to be $215-$300 an hour. That’s an impressive hourly rate!”

The Boise State Scholarship portal  is open and students can start applying to scholarships once they complete their FAFSA application. Take Gabbi’s advise regarding the importance of spending time and energy applying for scholarships and don’t miss out on any opportunities!

Talk to your TRIO advisor if you need help finding and applying to scholarships.

Gabbi Lopac during the 2021 Friends of NAEOP award luncheon
Gabbi Lopac poses with her FON scholarship award
Gabbi Lopac poses with her scholarship award during the Friends of NAEOP award luncheon