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Tutoring Information

If you are a tutor or a student receiving tutoring, please find the forms and resources you will need below.

Important note: due to COVID we have revamped the way tutors and tutees report their hours. This new process allows both the tutor and tutee to approve their hours via electronic signature, to eliminate the need to meet in-person. We have put together a short instructional video detailing this new process which can be found here:
Tutor Log Instructional Video.

Request a Tutor or Apply to be a Tutor

Request a Tutor

Up to three (3) hours of tutoring are available to you per week, per class. You may request tutoring in two (2) classes each semester. Tutors are assigned to you by the Tutor Coordinator. Every effort will be made to make satisfactory tutoring arrangements.

Tutor Request Form

Apply to be a Tutor

Interested in becoming a tutor for the TRIO Teacher Prep Program? Review the online application to learn more about the requirements and qualifications, and apply online today!

Apply to be a Tutor 

Tutor Forms

Student Forms

Tutoring Resources