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TRIO Students Explore Table Rock

TRIO Students and Staff explored Table Rock this weekend at the TRIO Nature Hike. On the steep hike up, great conversations were had about life in general, the controversial history of the cross, the geology of the Treasure Valley, and how nature and green spaces can affect your mood and outlook on life. Did you know that the top of Table Rock was once the bottom of Lake Idaho from about 9 to 2 million years ago? Lake Idaho was more than 200 miles long and 35 miles wide. Geologists believe melting glaciers caused the lake to overflow and drain west in a massive flood that gouged Hell’s Canyon, the deepest canyon in North America.

When the group reached the summit, they caught their collective breaths by enjoying the stunning views of the Treasure Valley. After a much quicker descent, cliff bars were enjoyed and we all reflected on a much needed break in nature!

TRIO Nature Hike at Table Rock
TRIO students and staff on top of Table Rock