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EdTech professor hosts STEM+C visit

Group photo
From left to right: Barbara English, Whitney Community Center director; Arnulfo Perez; Whitney Community Center’s Teen City program staff; Dazhi Yang

Dazhi Yang, associate professor and STEM+C project director, hosted a visit last week for Arnulfo Perez from the Ohio State University to learn about the community partnerships developed through the STEM+C project.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the STEM+C project integrates computation and science and offers hands-on activities to fourth, fifth and sixth graders at six community after-school program sites around Boise. Boise State, in collaboration with the Boise Parks and Recreation Department and Boise School District, received a $1 million grant in 2016 to support the computation and science programs.

During his visit, Perez met project stakeholders and discussed community partnership building and collaborations. He also gave a research talk on integrating computational thinking into math education.

From left to right: Arnulfo Perez, Dazhi Yang, Keith Thiede


Boise State STEM faculty from the College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and the Division of Research developed a Community Center Afterschool Program (CCAP) model. The model integrates computing education across K-12 STEM disciplines at three community centers and their three affiliated Kid City Programs serving high-need, Title I schools in Boise.

Researchers Build Community Collaborations with $1 Million NSF Grant