Spring 2019 College of Education Dean’s Honor Roll

Full-time undergraduate students are recognized on the dean’s list with the following designations:

  • Honors for a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74
  • High Honors for a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99
  • Highest Honors for a GPA of 4.00.

The following students have earned placement on the College of Education Dean’s Honor Roll for the Spring 2019 semester.

DepartmentLast NameFirst NameHonor
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsAderBeccaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsAlambraTennille JoHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsAustinEmmaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBakerMadison AHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBartelsBayleeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBasoreBrookeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBeck PottsEmmaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBernardAbigailHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBlackKaylaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBondMaya ElizabethHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBorlaseChelseaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBradleyOlivia FaithHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBradshawMyah KathrynHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBrinkmanMadisonHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBrothersLindsey NicoleHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBrownLindsey KateHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBrownTaylor McKenzieHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBucklinHaileyHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsBuskeKatelynHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCalzacortaMcKennaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCarrollKelsi AnneHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCaseDelaneyHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCharlierEmmaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsChristnerLeah HopeHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCochranVictoriaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCollopyJuliaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsConleyKelly JHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCorsettiNicoleHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsCresciMadelynHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDaumHanna OliviaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDavisLucia LeeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDittmanDaryan AnnHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDockinsZacHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDodsonHaileyHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDouganKatie LHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsDriskillJaretHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsEisingerMacey JaneHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsEllisEmily AHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsEstradaJackHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFarisMJHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFazzolariLaurenHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFierkeMikaelaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFloresNakiyaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFranzAmelia LHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsFritzJoseph ThomasHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGalvinBrie LisaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGarnerAllysonHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGarnerGabbyHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGarnerKayleeHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGarridoSierraHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGibbsMakaylaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGibsonAurora DaunHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGiesbrechtKaylee MorganHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGirardSarahHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGislerKellie BerrymanHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGoodallKimberly IrelandHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGravesCaitlynHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGrayEdenHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsGullicksonRebecka NicoleHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHamiltonHannah ChristineHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHanlonBrookeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHarneyGraceHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHarryRachel GraceHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHayesMicah DanielHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHeilbrunKierstynHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHillnerMollyHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHoKaila Pomaika'iHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsHunsakerTaylor McCallHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsJaggarLauren TaylorHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsJonesSpencerHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsKiehlJulia DrewHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsKirbyCadiHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsKnutsenAlanahHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsKruperKateHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLaForteIsabellaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLaneSamiHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLaneySarahHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLewisHaleyHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLewisJill MarieHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLongMadisonHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLoomisAllyson LynHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsLyonsEricHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMcIntireAshleyHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMcKinneyMadisonHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMillerNikaelHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsModdeHannahHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMooreKiara LeemaeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMooreMacyHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMoriJulianneHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMortonKendall JaneHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMossEllaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsMostajoMallory BlytheHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsNeibelLindsey CHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsNewmanRyleeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsObrienAlanaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsOrbanBrianHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsPartridgeKelli AnneHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsPfostCasey RaeHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsPriestEmilieHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsRameyOliviaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsReevesJulia ChrisHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsReevesShannonHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsReginoLaurenHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsRentfroSammieHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsRhodesMikaylaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsRobbinsLoganHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsRustTrysten HannaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsSelbyTatumHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsShaneMacy MHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsShantonLarissaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsShearsAlexisHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsShortMaggieHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsSmithBenHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsSmithBrittanyHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsSmithTessaHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsSoutherNatalie AnnHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsStuckRebecca AnnHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTeeterJustine RaeHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTeraberryHannahHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsThorneKendylHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTibbettsKelsie DianneHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTurbevilleSarahHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTurnerAubriHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsTurnerEmily MichelleHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsUrquidezJennaHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsVan OckerDemi RaeHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWaltersJoely TeganHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWetzelNicoleHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWhiteChase AndrewHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWilkinsonEmmaHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWillisJessica RaquelHighest Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWilsonLexiHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWoodringBaillyHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWrenDaniHigh Honors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsWyattLauren Ella KatrinHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsYundCameronHonors
Curr, Instr & Fndtnl StdsZollingerJoeyHonors
Early and Special EducationWalshElizabeth Sarah HonorHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationElmenhurstKatelynHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationPradoVanessaHonors
Early and Special EducationEvanchakKaleigh GHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationGarciaAllison ReneeHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationJohnsonSerenaHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationMcCulloughMeaganHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationMurrayBaylieHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationUpsonMadelineHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationWindesCaitlinHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationBierBrittany AnneHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationDaviesMaya KHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationNakamuraLauren SachikoHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationPhillipsKatie MarieHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationRosenHaileyHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationAsciakBrookeHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationCagleLaurenHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationCobleighJillianHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationColburnGeenaHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationCooperHeatherHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationDeatonAmberHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationDelgadilloKatie LakenHonors
Early and Special EducationDillonMaggieHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationDuranKellieHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationEldredgeMariaHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationGrentzReaganHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationHalabyGabbyHonors
Early and Special EducationHamiltonSammieHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationJacobsenDrew MorganHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationKlockAllison jeanneHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationLambertKatieHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationMartinBaileyHonors
Early and Special EducationMayerElainaHonors
Early and Special EducationMcKenzieAriana JaidenHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationMillerJana NoelHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationMillerSkylar RHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationNelsonSummerHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationNyePaige MadeleineHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationRoeBrittaniHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationRohdeLaurynHonors
Early and Special EducationSevereSamantha THigh Honors
Early and Special EducationShafferBrett GregoryHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationSnowballAllanaHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationSteingrafSaraHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationSummersErinHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationAllenJensenHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationEllisPatriciaHonors
Early and Special EducationPfohlMegan JHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationPradoVanessaHonors
Early and Special EducationShenkAllisonHonors
Early and Special EducationWilcoxAllyHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationElmenhurstKatelynHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationCunninghamDanielle ErinHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationGarzaErnestoHonors
Early and Special EducationHadsellMackenzie CHighest Honors
Early and Special EducationPurvisDerekHigh Honors
Early and Special EducationSwigerEmily AnneHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureHernandezKarenHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureRiveraRebeccaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureChaseKortenaiHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureCherryNicole MHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureChristianaHaillie MarieHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureCookeRachelHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureDel MoralVictoria MHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureDougalKaren LHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureEcheverriaJaime NicoleHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureHernandezKarenHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureJohnsonHannahHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureLeeClaireHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureLueckeSaquoyah ArabellaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureMarcilliatJenniferHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureOgilvieIsabellaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureRamerMadisonHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureRiveraRebeccaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureSibbettMarenHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureTRUEWillowHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureTurnerAshley BreanneHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureBernardAbigailHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureBorlaseChelseaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureBradshawMyah KathrynHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureBrothersLindsey NicoleHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureBrownLindsey KateHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureBrownTaylor McKenzieHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureBucklinHaileyHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureCalzacortaMcKennaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureCochranVictoriaHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureCollopyJuliaHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureDaumHanna OliviaHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureDockinsZacHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureDriskillJaretHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureEisingerMacey JaneHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureFazzolariLaurenHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureFierkeMikaelaHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureGarnerAllysonHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureGarnerGabbyHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureGarnerKayleeHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureGarridoSierraHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureGibbsMakaylaHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureGrayEdenHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureGullicksonRebecka NicoleHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureHamiltonHannah ChristineHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureHarneyGraceHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureHillnerMollyHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureHoKaila Pomaika'iHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureKirbyCadiHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureKnutsenAlanahHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureLaneySarahHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureLewisJill MarieHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureLongMadisonHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureLoomisAllyson LynHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureMillerNikaelHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureMooreKiara LeemaeHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureMostajoMallory BlytheHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureNeibelLindsey CHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureNewmanRyleeHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CulturePartridgeKelli AnneHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CulturePriestEmilieHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureRentfroSammieHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureRobbinsLoganHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureRustTrysten HannaHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureSelbyTatumHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureTeeterJustine RaeHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureTeraberryHannahHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureTibbettsKelsie DianneHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureTurbevilleSarahHonors
Literacy, Language and CultureTurnerAshley BreanneHighest Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureWaltersJoely TeganHigh Honors
Literacy, Language and CultureWrenDaniHigh Honors