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Sonia Galaviz shares advice for graduate students

Sonia Galaviz

On April 7, doctoral candidate Sonia Galaviz, defended her dissertation  Designing STEM Experiences for the Family in Order to Develop STEM Family Habitus and Capital. Sonia shared the following advice to other graduate students:

You know the book, “Love in the Time of Cholera”? Well…the journey culminating my dissertation would be titled “Defense in the Time of COVID-19”. Getting to this last step is no easy feat, with or without a pandemic. I would encourage anyone on this path to let their “why” for getting a doctorate give them strength. Perhaps the “why” is bundled up with “who” at the same time. For our families, for the community we serve, for our own aspirations…it’s all part of our journey. Give yourself some grace during those moments you just need to step away from it. Rest… and then come back. You’ve got this! You’re not alone.

Galaviz, a Boise State Writing Project fellow and alumna, was awarded top honors at the National Education Association (NEA) Foundation’s Salute to Excellence in Education Gala in 2017.