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Student Teacher Star: Spencer Jones

This semester, Boise State Teacher Education student, Spencer Jones, is conducting science experiments online similar to ones that would occur in-person by using technology to support student engagement. For example, in an experiment involving the three states of matter (solids, liquids and gases), Jones asked for student participation over video (e.g., thumbs up, thumbs down) as well as utilizing Google Classroom to provide students multiple ways to stay connected to learning.

“To make it more engaging, I had the students tell me step-by-step how to do the experiment,” said Spencer. “I gave the students a Google doc that had them answer a few questions before the experiment. On that doc had the instructions for the experiment, that way they can still be involved in the experiment in some way. We did the experiment 3 times to see if we can pop the balloon by adding different amounts of vinegar and/or baking soda.”

Jones is completing his Elementary Education student teaching at Valley View Elementary in Boise School District, and working with mentor teacher, Meko Meyers. Meyers is also a ‘liaison-in-residence’, a classroom teacher who dually serves as a clinical supervisor for teacher candidates in their building. These liaisons-in-residence positions are unique to Boise State University College of Education teacher preparation programs, and benefit the teacher candidate as well as the school-university partnership.

Spencer Jones, Boise State Teacher Education teacher candidate, is completing his student teaching with mentor teacher Meko Meyers at Valley View Elementary in Boise School District.