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Student Teacher Star: Claire Oberg

As a dual certification teacher candidate, Claire Oberg is very busy during the professional year (i.e., intern and student teaching semesters) of her teacher education program. She will complete the program with two teaching certificates, one in elementary education and one in special education. And with these two teaching certificates means two student teaching placements during her last two semesters, which no doubt keeps her focused and constantly learning.

“Starting my professional year has been quite the experience,” said Oberg. “It is very different than I was expecting for my first semester of student teaching, but I have found that I am still able to connect with my students and get to know them through the screen. Student teaching in a combo 3rd/4th grade class that is all remote has its challenges, but I am learning so much about how to differentiate and talk through a variety of technology issues that arise. It has been so fun creating engaging lessons and space for social-emotional learning through the online format, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds!”

This semester Oberg is completing her student teaching at Taft Elementary in Boise School District, and working with mentor teacher, Loren Bailly. Bailly is a ‘liaison-in-residence’, a classroom teacher who also serves as a clinical supervisor for teacher candidates in their building. These liaisons-in-residence positions are unique to Boise State University College of Education teacher preparation programs, and benefit the teacher candidate as well as the school-university partnership. Bailly has also contributed to the College of Education stay-at-home learning series.

Claire Oberg, Boise State Teacher Education student, is completing her student teaching with mentor teacher Loren Bailly at Taft Elementary in Boise School District.