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Elementary Education student Julianne Mori honored as Top Ten Scholar

Photo of Julianne Mori
Julianne Mori

Though she undoubtedly earned her Top Ten Scholar award through her hard work and determination, Julianne Mori credits community support for her success. “This would not have been possible without the people who supported me through the College of Education,” said Mori. The Top Ten Scholar award, one of Boise State’s highest academic achievements, is one of many accomplishments Mori has completed during her undergraduate program. She will finish student teaching and graduate in May with a degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in math.

Mori’s outstanding contributions at Boise State include conducting research in public schools, presenting at national and international conferences and holding a leadership position in the Teacher Education Association (TEA). “I’ve been able to explore my interests and learn that teaching is so much more broad than what happens in the classroom,” said Mori. “Research is an important part of teaching and I’ve learned that here at Boise State.”

Mori grew up on a cattle farm in Bruneau, Idaho and always wanted to become a Bronco. Once she arrived at Boise State, she immediately connected with fellow education students and faculty who supported her through her studies, internship and student teaching. “I’ve had so many amazing faculty mentors and peers who I’ve collaborated with” said Mori. “I’ve just felt very grateful for the experience and for everyone who has helped me and supported me here at Boise State.”

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