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Student teacher scholarships help prepare future educators

Student teacher working with an elementary student at a computer

The College of Education is home to a teacher preparation program that ensures candidates are ready to teach when they graduate. Students in the program are required to complete a professional year of on-the-job training where they work in a P-12 classroom setting alongside a mentor teacher. During their student teaching semester, our candidates plan and teach lessons five days a week and are typically unable to work other jobs, while paying tuition and supporting themselves.

Research shows that teachers who are certified with this professional experience stay in their jobs at higher rates and are better prepared for the demands of teaching — that’s why it’s a top priority to support our teacher candidates during this crucial year of professional training, and why we have made student teacher scholarships a main focus in our fundraising efforts as part of Unbridled: The Campaign for Boise State.

We are proud that a majority of our candidates go on to teach in Idaho schools. Through financial partnerships and fundraising, the College of Education is finding innovative ways to support candidates interested in student teaching in rural schools and provide incentives for graduates to continue to serve students in communities across the state.

The College of Education is committed to excellence in teacher preparation, leadership and research, and to positively impacting teaching and learning in Idaho. We recognize and appreciate that our partnerships with stakeholders and communities will continue to drive our success.

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