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English Department

Welcome to the Department of English! With more than 50 full-time faculty representing five fields, we are the largest academic department on campus, yet we still have some of the smallest class sizes for undergraduate courses. This unique position allows us to develop inclusive experiences with language and literacy, as we invite all students to be careful, compassionate, and creative thinkers and problem-solvers. We encourage students to actively cultivate their knowledge through student organizations, internships, study-abroad, and service-learning projects.

English Department Hours and Contact Information

Our Fall 2020 office hours can be found on our Contact Us page. One staff member will be available during office hours.
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The Master’s in Technical Communication (MATC) program is pleased to recognize the hard work and diligence of five graduating students during a presentation event at 6 pm on Dec. 16, 2020. These student presentations represent many hours dedicated to building stronger communities through technical communication practices.

Graduate Taylor Lusk reflects “Boise State’s MATC program taught me the essential skills to be an effective communicator across genres and to speak to inclusive audiences. I plan to use these skills as an editor/writer for a government agency after graduation.” Fellow graduate Alex Finney recalls applying to the MATC program “to learn skills in editing, writing copy, and creating documents across multiple areas of business. For example, I’ve helped write a recommendation report for the Department of Labor, assisted the Idaho Commission For the Blind with UX testing, and created social media content for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. Graduate Marijke Vanderschaff explains, My degree goal was to find my passion in the technical communication field. I found my passion for user research and the connection between users and technical communication.”

For more information on the presentation or the MATC program, please, contact the director of the program, Dr. Jennifer Mallette at

Gautam Basu Thakur, Associate Professor

Faculty Spotlight

Gautam Basu Thakur is an associate professor of English and director of the Critical Theory
Minor who is interested in exploring how Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalytic theory can help
explain subject relations in British colonial India, the postcolonial world, and the global present.
More specifically, he is interested in interventions of theoretical psychoanalysis in postcolonial
studies; the British Empire and its afterlife in global/transnational literary and (new) media
cultures; and comparative cultural politics. A 2020 College of Arts and Sciences Faculty
Excellence awardee for his commitment to teaching, research, and service, Basu Thakur’s
recent books – Postcolonial Lack: Identity, Culture, Surplus and Reading Lacan’s Seminar VIII: On
Transference (both, 2020) –, highlight ways in which Lacanian theory speaks to long-standing
disciplinary conversations as well as toward understanding different/differenced subjectivities
in the era of multiculturalism, identity politics, and sundry crises facing secular democracies
More information about Basu Thakur’s recent books can be found at Suny Press and at Palgrave MacMillan.
For Basu Thakur’s previous books, Postcolonial Theory and Avatar (2015), see: Bloomsbury; and, for
Lacan and the Nonhuman (2018), see: Palgrave MacMillan
More information about Basu Thakur’s research and teaching
You can contact Basu Thakur at

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