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English Department

Welcome to the Department of English! With more than 50 full-time faculty representing five fields, we are the largest academic department on campus, yet we still have some of the smallest class sizes for undergraduate courses. This unique position allows us to develop inclusive experiences with language and literacy, as we invite all students to be careful, compassionate, and creative thinkers and problem-solvers. We encourage students to actively cultivate their knowledge through student organizations, internships, study-abroad, and service-learning projects.


Susannah Oxley

Student Spotlight

Susannah Oxley, an incoming Boise State senior studying English education, articulates her emotional journey to strength and resilience during the COVID pandemic in an op-ed for Idaho Press (May 15, 2020). She explains how extraordinary circumstances highlight the best in our teachers and their loving dedication to students. Please read her inspiring work, “Stressful Times Show the Resiliency of the Human Spirit,” on the Idaho Press website.

Michal Temkin Martinez - Associate Professor, Director of Linguistics, Director of The Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab

Faculty Spotlight

Michal Temkin Martinez is interested in improving the experiences of undergraduate linguistics students locally and nationally. As Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation grant (with colleague Dr. Kazuko Hiramatsu), Temkin Martinez is co-facilitating a Faculty Learning Community to improve the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in linguistics. Locally, Temkin Martinez works closely with students outside the classroom, living on campus as a Faculty in Residence and supervising interns as director of the Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab. Last year, Temkin Martinez received the David S. Taylor award — Boise State’s highest award for service to students.

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