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English Department

Welcome to the Department of English! With more than 50 full-time faculty representing five fields, we are the largest academic department on campus, yet we still have some of the smallest class sizes for undergraduate courses. This unique position allows us to develop inclusive experiences with language and literacy, as we invite all students to be careful, compassionate, and creative thinkers and problem-solvers. We encourage students to actively cultivate their knowledge through student organizations, internships, study-abroad, and service-learning projects.



English Department Hours and Contact Information

Spring 2021 office hours can be found on our Contact Us page. Faculty and Staff will be available by remote access.

COVID Response


Idea of Nature: Wed., March 17 – 6pm MST – Loren Davis, Oregon State University

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Language Race and Ethnicity Speaker Series:  Kelly Wright ABD, U Michigan. Linguistic Discrimination. Wed., March 31, 2021 – 3pm – 4:15pm MST

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Student Spotlight Congratulations!

English Dept. Scholarship Recipients
$25,500 awarded for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Amanda Hawks
Bryan Cain
Carlee Benjamin
Danica Cross
Emily Sanchez
Grace Jurhs
Hunter Kelmann
Jacey Anderson
Jesus Rivera
Kaden Wood
Kayla Kaiser
Nicole Plumb
Reagan Burke
Sariah Hilbish
Shyann Gambill

To apply for future scholarships: Visit
Complete the general application. Once the general application is complete, click on the Department of English scholarships application.

English Department Graduates – BA Fall 2020

Alfredo Ocaranza – Literature
Amanda Carruth – Literature
Amy Letterle – Teaching
Brianna Meyer – Tech Comm
Carlee Benjamin – Literature
Chelsea Gerard – Writing, Rhet
Courtney Chase – Literature
David Collie – Writing, Rhet
Emily McQuade – Literature
Emma Cummins – Writing, Rhet
Eric Ellis – Literature
Janelle Thirtyacre – Teaching
Jennifer Roberts – Writing, Rhet
Jessica Randall – Tech Comm
Jodie Crockett – Teaching
John Barrie – Writing, Rhet
Kacey Bates – Tech Comm
Karah Frazier-Harrold – Literature
Kayla Scord – Linguistics
Lainey Anderson – Writing, Rhet
Lexy Nagy – Teaching
Mabel Morales – Writing, Rhet
Megan Wheeler – Writing, Rhet
Michal Bilger – Teaching
Sabina Barber – Literature
Sam Heidelberg – Teaching
Taylor Greenside – Teaching

English Department Graduates – MA Fall 2020

Alannah Ackaret – Tech Comm
Angela Fairbanks – Tech Comm
Marijke Vanderschaaf – Tech Comm
Morgan Ackley – Tech Comm
Taylor Lusk – Tech Comm

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Faculty Spotlight

Headshot of Clyde Moneyhun. A middle aged male smiling at the camera

Dr. Clyde Moneyhun’s recently published book, Truck Driver Haikus, has been nominated for the Warwick University Prize for Women in Translation. A translation of contemporary poetry from Catalan by prolific and prize-winning poet Dolors Miquel, it is published by Francis Boutle Publishing. The prize is awarded every year by Warwick University in England for translated books written by women.

headshot of Tom Hillard, a middle aged man smiling at the camera

Tom J. Hillard, an associate professor in the Department of English, was recently invited by the Idaho Humanities Council to write a feature article on Edgar Allan Poe for the Idaho Humanities newsletter. Commemorating the 175th anniversary of Poe’s poem “The Raven,” the article reflects on the wide influence and lasting legacy of the poem–a legacy that has taken on new meaning recently, in the context of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

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