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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the standards and requirements for the papers?

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, authors should follow the standards for a peer-reviewed journal in their discipline. Anyone that has an approved paper proposal must submit a paper by September 1, 2019.

Do journal publishers review my paper if I am not interested in publishing?

No. You choose whether your abstract is reviewed by a given journal. The journal staff will contact you, if they are interested in reviewing a manuscript.

Will my paper be published in proceedings?

We do not publish proceedings. However, when you submit an abstract for a paper, you can choose to be considered for publication in EPRC’s Symposium Issue of The Electricity Journal or the Idaho Law Review.  Additional questions regarding publication should be directed to the journal you selected to receive your proposal.

How many people may present if our proposal is approved?

One presenter is permitted per proposal.


Can I receive a travel stipend?

Students who are presenting an accepted proposal receive waived registration. Each participant is responsible for making and paying for their own travel and hotel accommodations.

Are you able to assist with international travel?

No. Presenters are responsible for securing visas. The Conference agenda should be used in lieu of an invitation letter.


I am presenting research at the conference. Do I still need to register?

Yes.  Everyone must register for EPRC9.  If you are eligible for a promotional discount, EPI staff will let you know.

What are my registration fees?

Continuing Education

Will I be able to obtain continuing education credit at EPRC?

EPRC does not certify its program for continuing education credit in advance. However, after the conference, you may submit the conference materials to your reporting organization and credit may be awarded, depending on the organization.

Submission Types

What is the difference between an Author Panel, Individual Research Paper, or Roundtable Discussion?

A Roundtable Discussion will not have corresponding papers.  With an Author Panel and a Roundtable Discussion, you need to obtain four committed presenters.  With an Individual Research Paper, you just submit as an individual and we place you with other presenters on a panel. PowerPoint slides are optional for all presenter types.


Does EPI provide parking for EPRC?

Parking will be up to each attendee to arrange and pay for downtown or at your hotel.

Women in Energy

Why do you have an event for Women in Energy?

We host a Women in Energy event to encourage women to advance within a field in which they are under-represented.

Can anyone attend the Women in Energy event or only women?

This event is open to anyone wishing to encourage the development of women within the energy field.

When does the Women in Energy Event take place?

The Women in Energy event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 29th, 2019, at 6:00 PM.


Do I need to print and bring my own poster?

Yes.  However, we will provide the stands or easels.

How big should my poster be?

Use your discretion in complying with the norms of your discipline.  However, the poster must be able to fit on an easel. Your poster can be firm or rollable.

How do I get my poster back?

If you wish to keep your poster, you will need to take it with you at the end of the conference.  EPI does not mail posters to attendees after the event.

Am I a presenter?

Yes.  While the posters will be up for the entire conference, there will be dedicated time for students to present their posters to judges and attendees.  Awards will be given out at the end of the conference for the best posters.

Can multiple students present one poster?

Select one person to present the poster and receive the award.

Papers and Presentations

Must I submit a paper?

If you submit an abstract for an Individual Research Paper or Author Panel, you must submit a paper to your moderator and by September 1.  You can elect to have it not distributed publicly.

Must my presentation utilize PowerPoint slides?

No, slides are optional, but if you have them, they must be provided to your moderator in advance of the conference.

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