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10th Anniversary Energy Policy Conference

Dynamics of Energy Policy and Megatrends

** Postponed to 2021 in Boise, Idaho **

Energy utilization is undergoing dynamic change. Prominent forces are evident in urbanization, digitalization, extreme weather and related pressures tied to the changing climate. Understanding inter-dependencies between energy, megatrends, and actionable policy is critical to future resilience, security and sustainability. We are delighted that former FERC Chair Jon Wellinghoff will provide the keynote address.

A call for abstracts will be released in 2021. For questions about the conference, email

Energy Policy Conference

The Energy Policy Conference is a premier, interdisciplinary forum in North America that examines issues and opportunities of energy policy. It does so, with up-to-date, interdisciplinary discussion and research, while fostering in-depth, cross-cutting exchanges of ideas.

The 10th Annual Meeting will have a special emphasis on actionable energy policy. Policy is defined as formal rules, directives, guidance, and actions/inactions of government that affect energy utilization. The scope of the event is from local to international conditions. All presentations and posters should focus on energy policy in the context of one the following topics.

Decarbonization (e.g. jobs in new and shifting industries; net zero targets; the role of hybrid systems and cross-sectoral strategies; environmental, societal and governance considerations; infrastructure repurposing)

Extreme Weather and the Changing Climate (e.g. planned outages with wildfires; linking short-term nationally determined contributions with long-term investment and stranded asset risk; fairness in change)

Digitalization and Modernization (e.g. balancing privacy with ‘smarter tools’; cyber risk; workforce needs; the growing role of electric vehicles; data centers and energy; shifting analytics)

Urbanization and Population Shifts (e.g. urban-rural differences; adjustments for shifting energy behavior in supply, delivery and use)

Eco-system Resilience (e.g. microgrids and storage; inter-dependencies and interagency readiness; integrated systems; prosumers; advances with demand response; critical infrastructure vulnerabilities; Best practices in planning)

Food-Energy-Water (e.g. planning for mega-trend pressures; interdependencies; progress in qualitative and quantitative assessments)

Politics (e.g. state-federal approaches to energy; the role of incumbents and new entrants for energy policy; momentum vs. inertia and (re)framing in energy choices)

The 9th Annual Meeting focused on how energy policy is framed, influences and is evaluated in times of disruptive change. The event brought together leading researchers, as well as policymakers,  practitioners and members of the private sector from September 29th to October 1st, 2019 in Boise, Idaho.

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