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Araújo, K. and Koerner, C. An Assessment of Policies and Regional Diversification with Energy, Critical Minerals, and Economic Development in Emerging Markets, Emerging Energy Market Analysis Initiative, Report for the U.S. Department of Energy, Spring 2023, EPI.EMA Report 2023.

Lenhart, S. and Davies, L. Western Electricity Emerging Markets: State-Level Regulatory Analysis (March 2023).

Shropshire, D., Araújo, K., Koerner, C., Bell, C., Fauske, G., Johnson, R., Parsons, J., Gerace, S., Holubynak, E., Righetti, T., Aumeier, S. Evaluation of State-Level Legal, Regulatory, Economic, and Technology Implications, Emerging Energy Market Analysis Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy, INL/RPT-23-71733, March 2023,

Araújo, K. and He, Y. (2022). Revitalizing Communities with Diversification in Clean Energy and Advanced Manufacturing, Report chapter. Roosevelt Report, MIT-Harvard.

Karplus, V., Araújo, K., He, Y. (2022). The Workforce in a Clean Energy Transition, Report chapter, Roosevelt Report, MIT-Harvard.

Araújo, K. and Banks, E. (2022). Wildfire Risk and Regional Resilience Planning for Critical Infrastructure, U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, CESER, INL Report.

Aumeier, S., Shropshire, D., Allen, T., Araujo, K., Bell, C., Craig, M., Parsons, J., Righetti, T., Methodological Framework, Emerging Energy Market Analysis Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy,  INL/EXT-21-65347-Rev000, November 2021.

Shropshire, D., Black, G., and Araújo, K. Global Market Analysis for Microreactors, U.S. Department of Energy Microreactor Program, INL/EXT-21-63214-Rev000, July 2021.

Konschnik, K., Blumsack, S., James, M., and Lenhart, S. (2021). Comments of RTOGov Researchers to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Garn, K., Kharel, P., and Koerner C. (2021). Energy, Adoption Factors and Urban Policy in Miniaturized Home Use, Technical and Policy Brief, 21.1, CAES Energy Policy Institute.

Koerner, C., Araújo, K., Mitchell, T. and Bryan, H. (2020). Energy Literacy in K-12 Education: Evaluating Energy Learning Potential and Gaps through a Survey of Idaho Teachers, Technical and Policy Brief, 20.1, CAES Energy Policy Institute.

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Lenhart, S. (2020). Pumped Storage: Could the Next Generation of Technologies Contribute to Addressing Energy Resilience Needs? Technology and Policy Brief, 20.2, CAES Energy Policy Institute.

Van Woerden, I., Savage, B., Mashal, M., Mahar, J., and Araujo, K. (2020). An Economic and Safety Assessment of Hydropower in Idaho, White paper, Center for Advanced Energy Studies.

Pitcock, B., Lazarte, T., and Christen, C., Lower Snake River Hydropower Dams: A Resilience Assessment of Regional Impacts with Proposed Dam Removal, 2020. (Student Feature)

Energy Policy Institute, Idaho National Lab, Idaho Fluor and Boise State. Nuclear Waste Reports for the Idaho State Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission, 2019:

  • Calcine
  • Remote-handled Mixed Low-Level Waste
  • Sodium-bearing Waste
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel and
  • Transuranic Waste.

Chan, G., Lenhart, S., Forsberg, L., Grimley, M., Wilson, E. (2019). Barriers and Opportunities for Distributed Energy Resources in Minnesota’s Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives, Report. (Research sponsored by the McKnight Foundation)

Larsen, B., Osterhout, G., Crossgrove-Fry, V. and Araújo, K., (2019). Boise’s Energy Future, Survey and Technical Report for the City Council of Boise’s decision to adopt a 100% clean electricity goal by 2035.

Araújo, K. (2018). Offshore Wind Technology: Deployment, Cost-Value Trends, and Outlook, Technical Report to Long Island Power Authority, Uniondale, NY.

Araújo, K. and Pepper, S. (2018). Cyber-Nuclear Risk Assessment, Technical Report, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (2018). Deployment Indicators for Small Modular Reactors: Methodologies, Analysis of Key Factors and Case Studies, Technical Report/Techdoc 1854. Based on EPI research: Black, G., Taylor Black, M., Solan, D., & Shropshire, D. Carbon free energy development and the role of small modular reactors: A review and decision framework for deployment in developing countries, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 43 (2015), 83-94.

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