Undefeated League Team

In what is undoubtablly the strongest start to any season invoice he states short history, the League of Legends team has begun the year with a big win streak. After defeating Illinois College in the second Upsurge Collegiate League match, it brings the Broncos total to 8-0 on the season, two of which were tournament games. In addition to the six regular-season matchups (official University matchups against football opponents), the Broncos have started with the same success they finished in the spring of 2019.

10/7    vs  ILLINOIS COLLEGE (UCL) Win (2-0), Illinois v. BSU VOD
10/4    vs  UNLV (RS), Win (2-0), UNLV v. BSU VOD
9/30    vs  DYNASTY (UCL), Win (2-1), Dynasty v. BSU VOD
9/26    vs  MIZZOU (RS), Win (2-0), Mizzou v. BSU VOD
9/19    vs  AIR FORCE (RS), Win (2-0), Air Force v. BSU VOD
9/13    vs  DRURY UNIVERSITY (RS), Win (2-0), Drury v. BSU VOD
9/5      vs  MARSHALL UNIVERSITY(RS), Win (2-0)
8/30    vs  FLORIDA STATE (RS), Win (2-1), Florida State v. BSU VOD

Big additions to the team include Cole “Coßalt” Pinon, a local phenom Jungler, Daniel “Wujin” Wu, climbing into the Top Lane, and the amazing growth of Rob “CantGetDopamine” Faricy who is on the cusp of Masters ranking before the season is complete.  Led by Challenger captain and leader Dean would, this squad not only expects to compete at the highest level this season but smells the opportunity to possibly qualify for the Collegiate League of Legends (live finals)

Justin Lester, Staff Writer