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Writers for Esports

One of the primary differentiators of potential candidates for jobs is experience. The school that you attend, the classes you take, and what you learn are certainly part of the consideration, but employers are interested in understanding what you can do and see examples of that work.

Boise State Esports is looking both internally and externally for the web equivalent of a “beat writer” to be published and credited as part of the spring schedule.  As part of work-study, directed study, or even an unpaid internship, journalists can follow and report on individual games or topics of interest. Those selected will be given special access, workspace, and an opportunity to build an impressive resume by writing about the program.

Those who are interested should inquire directly to Dr. Haskell

Prater and Doc talking
KTIK host and former Idaho Stateman columnist Mike Prater chats with Doc Haskell during a match