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The NACE Rocket League Fall Cup Season Preview

-Joe Chigbrow

Boise State Esports is revving up and ready to go this season during the NACE Rocket League Fall Cup. With fresh blood and both new and old challengers, Boise State Rocket League will have to give it their all to come out on top this season.

This season of the NACE Fall Cup, Boise State once again brings forward two teams which will both be competing in Group A of the tournament. There are 12 total groups, each full of talent and powerhouse teams. The most notable  are two teams brought by the University of Montana, Grizzlies. Both of which will be joining the Broncos in Group A and are sure to be top contenders for this season.

In Group E, Mizzou Gold (MG) is also present in this tournament. MG has a history of giving the Broncos quite a run for their money, in addition to a track record for success and victory in the NACE Fall Cup tournaments. Likewise, the Broncos will also have to face down the Florida Southern College Mocs (FSC), yet another challenger bursting with talent and high win rates. FSC Mocs will be playing from Group C this tournament.

In Group I, another hard-hitting team returns to the fray this season. Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) will be there to prove their mettle once more in this gauntlet of a tournament. Previously, MSOE played and defeated one of the Bronco teams last season. Truly, MSOE will come as no easy feat for the Broncos this time either.

The NACE Rocket League Fall Cup is looking more stacked than ever. Every single group is overflowing with talent and raw Rocket League skill. The Boise State Rocket League squad are in for quite the challenge this semester with every team coming ready to play and playing hard. Any team could walk away with the victory this season, only time will tell who will come away  as the NACE Champions.