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Overwatch on a Roll, Beats Stockton

By Artemis Rainn

Boise State University Esports took home a decisive victory today in PlayVS against Stockton today. Continuing their season with an undefeated record, without losing a map thus far. 

Their starting lineup consisted of Playto, N3rdyBird, Maksal, Goblin, Chosen, and ALargeBagel. The team has been working tirelessly since the start of the school year to incorporate their new teammates and hone their compositions to beat their opponents. 

They began the match with a decisive 2 – 0 victory on Lijiang Tower, starting with Night Market on their standard Symmetra Brawl. While the Broncos did lose the Control Point, they quickly regained possession and finished the round strong. Followed by, quick capture and control of Garden using their Doom Fist-centered composition. In teamfights, the Broncos focused their play on allowing Gob on Doomfist to engage and set the pace of every fight.

The next map, Volkskia Industries, was chosen by Stockton. The Broncos chose to be on Defense first and only allowed Stockon to claim just over 66% of Point A. At the start of round two, The Bronco decided to utilize a Symmetra Teleporter from Maksal to rotate to the back of Point A along the coastline of the map. Maksal then swapped to Widowmaker to be an oppressive force at the choke of the map.

The third map, and the second map choice of Stockton, was Watchpoint Gibraltar. Defending first The Broncos decided to take a close hold fighting directly on the Payload and halting its progress for a little over 60 seconds. The team recomposed themselves on the high ground and the Bridge. Splitting their team in half worked well to regain tempo for a short period of time, but the lack of cohesion resulted in the next fight tipping in favor of Stockton. Stockton was able to claim the first point, but The Broncos quickly claimed control of Spaceship after doing a partial composition swap and forced Stockton to reset. The Broncos stalled out Stockton under Spaceship. On Attack, Playto created space and cleaned out the high ground with ease allowing the rest of his team to claim the first checkpoint with more than five minutes on the in-game timer. With just a few meters remaining ALargeBagel used his Ultimate “Valkyrie” and decided to go toe to toe with multiple members of Stockton as Battle Mercy as the sound closed out.