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Boise State Esports holds watch party for LoL Worlds 2022

Spectators crowded into the Boise State Esports arena for a watch party of the 2022 League of Legends worlds championship. Held on November 4th, the event drew a full house a spectators to the arena. The highly anticipated match against T1 and DRX drew in record viewership online and a full house in Boise State’s arena. The event featured refreshments, free games to play in the arena, and raffle prizes for those attending.

Many in attendance expected Team 1 to win the best of five match quickly, with many in the arena being fans of the famed T1 player, Faker. In fact, cardboard cutouts of the Faker adorned the arena in anticipation of a T1 sweep. However, as the night went on, many in attendance expressed shock as underdogs DRX drove the series to a game five and pulled up an upset win against T1.

Boise State supported League of Legends as a varsity sport from 2017-2021. Although the university no longer has a varsity League team, the game remains popular among the student community. Boise State Esports has since hosted special events for the game at the collegiate and high school level. To stay up to date on when Boise State will host League events, stay tuned to the Boise State Esports event page for future announcements.

Spectators crowd into the Boise State Esports Arena to watch League Worlds 2022 (Photo by Joanie Paraiso)

Written by Jacob Palmer