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Recap: Boise State Rocket League’s CECC triumph

Boise State’s Rocket League team had an incredible victory at the CECC West Regionals. Not only did the team secure a trip to the CECC Comissioners Cup in Arlington, TX, but they also finished in first place for tournament overall. To achieve the victory, the Broncos had to face two formidable teams in the events semi-finals and finals.

Semi-Final vs Oregon

The most intense matchup of the tournament took place not in the finals, but the semi-final match. Tournament favorites Oregon dropped a game in the group stage which forced a matchup between them and Broncos earlier in the tournament than anyone expected. The semi-final was a best of five match with Durtho, Gil, and Instinct playing for the Broncos. Oregon was represented by players Imminent, Airoh, and ceeebzz.

The match would live up to all the hype. Both teams matched each other shot for shot in all games. Durtho helped the Broncos achieve victory with two goals in the first game of the match, with a final score of 2-1. Oregon would fight back in game two winning 2-1, with Airoh scoring a buzzer beater in the last few seconds of the game. Game three would be the most lopsided of the match, with every Bronco scoring a goal against Oregon. Instinct in particular scored a hat trick during the game. The score for game 3 was 7-0 and lead the Broncos to a match point. Oregon recovered in game 4 winning 2-1, with Imminent scoring the winning goal in overtime. Boise State ultimately won the 5th game of the match 6-1, winning one of the closest and most exciting matches of the tournament.


Casters Bass and Pyro cover the exciting Rocket League matches of the CECC West Regionals.
Final vs Grand Canyon University

Boise State then moved on and faced Grand Canyon University in the tournament finals. GCU was coincidentally the team the beat Oregon in the tournaments group stage, forcing the exciting semi final match. GCU won their semi-final match against Weber State 3-2. However despite both semi-finals being very close, the grand finals for the tournament would be a bit more decisive. Boise State swept the best of 7 match 4-0, earning themselves the championship title.

Even though Oregon and GCU came up short in the West Regionals, they will still have a chance to make it to nationals during the CECC Last Chance Qualifier this April. An intense rematch between Oregon and Boise State could still be in the cards.

Written by Jacob Palmer