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Wilder Elementary students visit esports arena as part of Micron STEM program

Over 60 elementary school students from Wilder visited the Boise State Esports arena on March 28 for a special tour and event. Micron arranged the visit to the arena as part of their STEM Varsity Esports Experience.

Boise State Esports arena welcomes Wilder Elementary students. (Photo by Jacob Palmer)

The program introduced students to the world of competitive Esports as well as the college STEM fields more broadly. Events throughout the spring semester included camps on how to build and tear down PCs as well as learning about computer technology and methodology. On March 28, students started off the day with a visit to the Idaho Discovery Center before heading downtown to tour the arena. While at the arena, students got the chance to see all of the production equipment Boise State uses in its broadcasts. University students were also present to talk with the young kids about their experience with the program as well as how to navigate careers in STEM more broadly.

“During their visit, I had the opportunity to cast Fall Guys with a few of the students from Wilder,” said Aria Strasser a Boise State Esports staff member, “It was so amazing to see how excited they were to cast and cheer on their friends, while getting a taste of what it is like to participate in a broadcast. Whether it was cheering on all the different players, to talking about broadcasting and their visit to the arena, it was a blast!”

A Wilder student gets the chance to use the controls for Boise State’s broadcasting software.

To cap off the visit, students got a chance to play some of their favorite games such as Rocket League in the arena! The event was a great showcase of how Boise State Esports continuously engages with the local Boise community, and inspires visitors of all ages to pursue careers in not just Esports, but STEM, Media Production, Broadcasing, and more! All members of the general public are welcome and encouraged to visit the Esports arena any weekday from 10am-10pm to learn more about the program. And you didn’t here it from this article, but there might also be some free T-shirts in the mix for visitors.

Written by Jacob Palmer