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Five Fun Facts you didn’t know about Gabriel “Gil” Reynolds

Gabriel Reyonds aka “Gil” is one of the most devoated Rocket League players Boise State has and is a very common sight at the arena. No other player has shown up more on camera during their varsity stint as Gil has. He is often on stage playing Rocket League even when there are no scrims or matches set up! For all the time he’s spent on camera however, there is still some things we don’t know about him. This brings us to today’s five fun facts article, this time highlighting Gil.

Fact 1: He Actually Played Real Soccer

Rocket League is often referred to as “soccer with cars” for people new to esports. Along the virtual soccer Rocket League provides, Gil experienced irl soccer until the age of 12. He played travelers soccer which is competative format for youth. Travelers soccer usually takes place over the summer and top players will compete against teams from other states and sometimes countries. Basically, he’s been trying to kick a ball into a goal for a huge part of his life.

Fact 2: Almond No-Joy

It is not advised that you give Gil any random candy bar lying around, as he is allergic to both pecans and walnuts. This is an unfortunate reality for someone living in the US, considering the country is the second largest producer of walnuts in the world, producing 660,000 tons every year. Aside from allergies he’s also a self described picky eater so it’s probably best not to buy him lunch if you’re picking things at random.

Fact 3: Can You Hear Me Now? No.

Gil’s favorite subjects are Computer Science and Math because his brain is, in his words, “wired very logically.” When asked for proof of this he did not in fact reference being a fan of Rick & Morty, but instead pointed to instances in his everyday life were he thinks very pragmaticly. One example is him not aquiring a phone until his senior year of high-school, and only getting one because he eventualy got a job and absolutely needed it. Come to think of it, not having a smartphone during your teen years is probably the best way to ensure your brain ends up thinking logically. Good call, Gil.

Fact 4: No Retro Games

In case all the millenials reading this needed another reminder they’re no longer the youngest people in the room, consider the following fact. Gil didn’t start playing video games on consoles like the SNES, Genesis, N64, or PS1. Gil’s first console was the Playstation 3 and his first game was Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. That’s right, HDMI  only for this guy. He will never know the days of when you had to plug three cables into your tv to get picture and audio.

Fact 5: Music Tastes, or Lack Therof

Gil admiteddly doesn’t listen to music a whole lot. If he is studing he might put on some generic lo-fi, but that is the extent of his listening repertoire. Nothing but lo-fi. As a writer I could not have thought of something more gen-z if I tried.

For those wanting to see more of Gabriel Reynolds, then head on over to Boise State’s Twitch and Youtube pages. Most likely, you’ll see Gil in the background, playing Rocket League like he always has.

Written by Jacob Palmer.