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Varsity players honored at Boise State’s annual championship ring ceremony

Boise State honored its varsity players from the 2022-23 competative season at its annual ring ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Boise State Esports Arena on Monday, November 6. Players from Boise State’s varsity teams were in attendence, as well as university officials such as the Dean of the College of Innovation and Design, Sean Benner, and President of Boise State University, Dr. Marlene Tromp.

Varsity players and university officials gather in the Boise State Esports Arena for the program’s annual ring ceremony.

Six Rocket League varsity players, along with coach Payton Wilkin, got rings. Most notable amoung their acomplishments was winning the Mountain West Championship and making it all the way to CRL world championships. The Overwatch team also won the MW championship and won the NACE national championship for Fall 2022, held in Philidelphia PA. The commentators at the event picked UT Dallas, Boise State’s opponent, as favorites to win. But the Broncos surprised everybody with a 3-0 sweep to claim the national title. Altogether, 10 varsity players were given rings.

Finishing out the event, Boise State president Dr. Marlene Tromp gave glowing words of praise the the Esports program.

“I’m just so proud of this group. I think you guys are amazing,” said Dr. Tromp at the ceremeony. “I’m on the NCAA Board of Directors, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities…I’m serving on all these bodies all over the country, and I talk about you everywhere I go. Because you are leaders and you really make a mark. It’s our players, it’s our broadcasters, it’s our coaches who’ve done an extraordinary job…to make this program special. So thank you for helping to make the Broncos shine, and for making Boise State proud.”

Written by Jacob Palmer.