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Boise State Rocket League finishes season 2nd in the nation

Boise State’s Rocket League team capped off an incredible Fall CRL Season with a 2nd place finish nationwide in the tournament. Boise State players Durtho, Wuzy, and Prstn made an incredible run in the tournament’s bracket, making it all the way to the Grand Finals. The tournament featured the top 12 RL teams from across the nation and took place Nov 17-19. CRL is the official Rocket League tournament run by the game’s developer Psyonix and is considered the top rung of competition for collegiate gameplay.

emiliano flores at crl worlds
Emiliano Flores at CRL Worlds. Photo credit Tracey Makwakwa.

Boise State entered the tournament undefeated in the west division of the CRL regular season, a 15-0 record overall! In the national finals, the Broncos faced off against many teams from the league’s east division, such as West Virginia and Ball State. The only team Boise State lost to was Northwood University, who Boise State faced in the upper bracket final, and the grand final of the tournament.

By going undefeated in the regular season and finishing second in the finals, the Broncos took home a hefty share of the $65,000 prize pool offered over the season.  Thier great placement in the tournament also means gives them a great chance at qualifying for 2024 CRL Worlds. Not only does worlds give players a chance to compete internationally, but it offeres the biggest prize pool of all events with a $75,000 prize pool awarded to students last year.

Written by Jacob Palmer.