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Boise State Esports returns to Hackfort with Smash tournament

Treefort, Boise’s premier musical festival, is just around the corner! The festival takes place March 20-24 in downtown Boise. Treefort is well known for having a variety of sub-festivals, or “forts”, along with the general music festival. Hackfort, which celebrates all things tech and gaming, is the event Boise State Esports collaborates with the most. Last year, Boise State opened its arena to Hackfort attendees for general gaming. This year, the program steps it up a notch with a full fledged Smash Bros. tournament!

The Smash Bros Ultimate Throw Down takes place March 21 from 5-9 pm at the Boise State Esports Arena! Sign up by clicking on this link. The event will feature a live DJ and the winner gets a free ticket to next years Treefort! See full event details here.

You can find the arena at 301 South Capitol Blvd. The arena is located within easy walking distance from Boise State’s campus and Julia Davis Park. Additionally, you can reach the arena via the Boise State Shuttle. The nearest shuttle stop is “Front & Grove Center” located on the orange line. A live view of the shuttle can be found here. Additionally, the arena is located one block away from Valley Regional Transit’s Main Street Station, for those taking the local buses or Treefort’s “Treeline” shuttle.

Weather you are an elite competitive Smash player, or a casual fan looking for a fun time, everyone is welcome to attend the event! Visitors are also welcome to attend the arena during its normal operating hours outside of the tournament for tours. We hope to see you soon at this exciting event!