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Spring 2024

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Boise State University is pleased to announce the new Dean of the College of Health Sciences.

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2022 State of the University Address

Meet Boise State's Newest Leaders

Video has closed captions, and a video transcript is provided in the Video Transcript section of this page.

Video Transcript

[Dr. Marlene Tromp] I want to thank all of our extraordinary leaders for everything they have done this year for all the incredible ways that they have led through challenges and for all the ways in which they’ve been willing to stand up and stand out in front. It’s a very difficult time to do that and often as leaders we struggle to know in a complex world what the right decisions are and when we need to back up and think again and how we can drive forward the incredible gifts. There are hard decisions to make and I am so grateful for the leadership of everyone who has done that work in this room. Thank you so much


[Dr. Tromp] And I am so pleased this morning to welcome to the stage our newest leaders at the university. Somebody a colleague a mentor of mine told me once that one of the greatest things leadership of the university can do is hire good new leadership. And I think we’ve done an exceptional job. So I’m delighted to turn the floor over to them to tell you why they chose Boise State. Thank you.

[Shawn Benner] Thank you Marlene. Good morning. I’m Sean Benner and I am super excited to be the next dean of the College of Innovation and Design because of the opportunity to help all of you create the future Boise State. I would like to highlight one of our new initiatives that I think exemplifies the college in this next chapter. We are creating a space we’re calling the Innovation Incubator. We’ve begun a major renovation of the second floor of the library and we’re creating a space that will build community, support collaboration, and foster creativity. It’s going to be your space. A place both where you will gather, where faculty and staff will gather, informally and will host your strategic planning retreats and other events. In addition to being a great place to meet we’re offering wrap-around event planning services all designed to make your team more successful. While the remodel won’t be complete for about a year, we’re already open for business. In fact, in the last two weeks we’ve posted half a dozen strategic planning events for your colleagues from across campus. We’re still in the beta stage with this project but if you’re interested in participating please visit the new CID website. Let’s create the future Boise State together.


[Angie Boss] Thank you. Good morning I’m Angie Boss the new dean of the School of Public Service. I chose to join Boise State because the mission of the School of Public Service is compelling and more important than ever to train our students to be the next generation of innovative public service leaders and to create cutting-edge research to help solve our pressing public problems. I was drawn to the School of Public Service because of its interdisciplinary design and structure which is unlike other colleges and schools and positions us through research teaching public outreach and experiential learning to solve those terrible public problems you see in the headlines every day. And finally, and most importantly, I joined the Boise State community because of the phenomenal people in the School of Public Service who are pioneering these efforts in public work. Thanks and I look forward to working with you and joining you as a Bronco.


[Todd Colgrove] Good morning I’m Todd Colgrove dean of the Albertsons Library, honored to be here with my colleagues today. In response to your question President Tromp, I have to give you a background. I come to the Boise State after having served as professor and head of the dean mayor science and engineering library at the University of Nevada Reno for an extended amount of time. We’ve been watching and had eyes on what Boise State is up to. Put it simply there is no more thrilling place to be right here right now on this campus. When you think about it we bring together literally tens of thousands of the best the brightest and the scrappiest [laughter] right, from from across Idaho and around the world centered around a culture of innovation. Blue turf thinking, President Tromp is what brought me to Boise State. The Albertson’s Library stands ready to be of service and work with our colleagues as we turn the page on this next chapter of the university.


[Leslie Durham] Good morning everybody I’m Leslie Durham dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m in my first year as permanent dean of the college and starting my 21st year as a member of this campus community. [applause] I know arts and sciences and the university very well and that is why I am absolutely sure there is no place I would rather be. When I started as interim in 2018, I knew it was not the time for our college to stand still and we’ve moved forward in innovative and strategic ways thanks to the energy and the ideas of the people in the college and our collaborators all across campus. I am so excited to see so much of that good work come to fruition in the year ahead as we launch the School of the Environment, Reimagine Bronco Gap Year, explore our First Year Experience, and publicly open the Keith and Katherine Stein Luminary. It is a tremendously exciting time to be in the college and at Boise State and I feel tremendously honored to be able to work with so many of you. I can’t wait to see what we get to do in the semester ahead and I look forward to working with you have a great semester.

[Nancy Glenn] Good morning. Well this is a hard act to follow. I’m Nancy Glenn I’m the vice president for Research and Economic Development and I am so excited to continue in this position on behalf of Boise State for a number of reasons. First and foremost is you, the talent and the energy and the different disciplines that you represent. I’m also passionate about interdisciplinary research and creative activity, student research experiences that are high impact rich and high quality, and supporting community and industry partnerships that helps Boise State realize its service both locally and globally. I am also very excited, as well as our whole division is excited, to continue to build our research infrastructure across campus to serve research and creative activity needs now to sustain our growth that we’re all feeling, and to strategically place Boise State for the future. So with that I welcome you to engage with our division and all of the groups across campus that we work with. We have an open-door policy on admin third floor. Please come see us anytime or reach out in any way you would like and, in the meantime, I wish you a wonderful fall semester.

[Scott Lowe] Well good morning everybody. My name is Scott Lowe and I’m the interim dean in the Graduate College. I’ve been with the graduate college for five years and one of the reasons that I’ve stepped into this role is because we’ve seen tremendous growth, as you all know in graduate education here at Boise State, and I am incredibly excited to see where we’re headed in the next five years. So, as you all know, our graduate students are the future leaders, the future thought leaders, the future innovators of, of our future. [laugher] They’re also they also drive the research engine here at Boise State and and I’m really excited to support them together with the graduate college staff, with our graduate faculty, with staff across campus, with all of you, I’m excited to support them, to enable them, and to see where they, where they end up in in five years. Thank you all.


[James Satterfield] Good morning.

[Crowd] Good morning

[James Satterfield] Thank you. My name is James Satterfield and I am the new dean of the College of Education. I traveled 2,258 miles to be here and it was worth every mile. [Applause] I chose Boise State university because of our world-class faculty. This is a place where faculty and students are free and supported to tackle the hard problems in this world today. We are knowledge creators that support every industry. I am proud to lead the College of Education. I am proud to call myself an Idahoan. I now have a driver’s license to prove it. [Laugher and cheering] So if you see me say hello I will say hello to you and please join me in welcoming everyone back to the 2022-2023 academic year. Thank you


[Dr. Tromp] Thank you so much to our amazing leaders. Wasn’t that incredible doesn’t it make you excited.