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University Fee Appeal Form

Procedures to file an appeal for refund of fees

Students who withdraw from one or more courses due to special circumstances have the right to appeal the Academic and Fee Policy. The decision to approve or deny the appeal will be based on the following:

  • Extenuating circumstances making it impossible for the student to comply with the policy or requirement.
  • An undue hardship resulting from a strict application or interpretation of the policy or requirement.

Extenuating circumstances must be beyond the student’s control and the undue hardship must be a condition far more serious than simple inconvenience.

Important note:

Financial Aid and Scholarship recipients should be aware that withdrawing from courses might affect your aid. You may be required to repay all, or a portion of, any financial aid and/or scholarships awarded to you. Students receiving any type of financial aid and/or scholarships are strongly encouraged to read the Financial Aid Handbook and the Scholarship Policies prior to consulting with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, dropping classes, or filing an appeal.


We are committed to protecting student privacy and will not share information from your appeal except as it relates to official university responsibilities or as required by law, consistent with our obligations under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please note that we have an affirmative responsibility to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

Campus Resources

Students considering fee appeal might be facing difficult circumstances. If you could use support, please connect with the Dean of Students and find help connecting with campus resources available to you on the student outreach website


  • Student must provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances that made it necessary to withdraw from the course(s). The explanation should state why an exception to the Academic and Fee Policy is justified.
  • Student must provide appropriate supporting documentation (outlined below).
  • The student must have officially withdrawn from classes to file an appeal.
  • Appeal requests must be submitted by the student. Appeals submitted by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the student will be accepted only in circumstances where the student may be mentally or physically incapable of personally submitting an appeal.
  • All communication made by our office regarding the appeal will be sent via mail to the mailing address in the student system. Please ensure all addresses and phone numbers on file with the University are current. Should you have any questions regarding this process contact the Student Financial Services (208) 426‐2134 or
  • This appeal concerns mandatory tuition and class fees. Non-tuition charges and charges for other goods or services, like for e-textbooks, Parking, University Health Services, Housing, and Meals are not considered through this appeal process. Please discuss non-tuition charges with the charge-issuing department.
  • If this appeal is for a waiver of fees instead of a refund, please include a detailed explanation of why fees were not paid when due.

Documentation Requirements

Supporting documentation must be official, and legible. Your appeal cannot be reviewed until it is complete and the required documentation has been received. Below are examples of documentation for certain situations.

  • Appeal for Medical Reason: Letters from physicians must be on office letterhead stating dates the student was under their care and specifically stating the student was unable to attend/participate in the course(s) being appealed. Due to the sensitive nature of medical circumstances it is not required that any detailed information regarding the condition/illness be provided. Office notes, notes on prescription paper, or office receipts will not be accepted as appropriate documentation. Documentation from an insurance company will not be accepted as appropriate documentation.
  • Appeal for Reason of Death of family or close friend: Newspaper obituary or notice, funeral program/card or Death Certificate will be accepted as documentation. If you are not named in the document, please provide documentation of your relationship to the deceased.
  • Appeal for Family Related Reason: Taking care of ill or disabled family member – must provide a letter from the attending physician on office letterhead stating dates the relative was ill and stating the student was unable to attend in order to care for their relative. Other documents must support the circumstances and can include documents from family members or third parties if necessary.
  • Appeal for Work-Related Reason: Students requesting a refund of tuition based on an employer conflict must include a letter from the employer on company letterhead with the effective date of the change in regular schedule and the reason for the change in employment schedule/location.
  • Other Reasons: Appeals for other reasons (i.e. catastrophic events) should include documentation verifying the circumstances and date of your situation.

Burden of proof:

The burden of proof shall be upon the student. The student must prove his or her case by a preponderance of evidence in the written appeal and supporting documentation.

Click here to download the University Fee Appeal Form (pdf)

Forms may be submitted to Student Financial Services via fax to (208) 426-3050, mail to 1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725-1246, or in person at our office in Room 101 of the Administration Building.

Questions? Call (208) 426-1212 or email