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Virtual Tour Available of Objects of Resilience Exhibition

Screen Shot of Virtual Tour in SUB Fine arts Gallery
Screen Shot from Exhibition’s Virtual Tour

In the Spring of 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, student lives were abruptly upended and campuses, including our own, changed overnight. Students began to interact with their environments in new ways. To become more familiar with the forced intimacy of sheltering in place, Drawing 1 students were asked by their instructor, Erin Cunningham, to practice their drawing skills and reexamine their interiors by making three drawings. Using ink wash, students worked with a technique that metaphorically allowed them to retint objects, making them temporal rather than solid–as if to say, this too is in process. This exhibition of student work celebrates their resilience in a period of flux as they show us how we all can process our physical, mental, and emotional surroundings.

In order to keep campus safe, the Student Union Building is currently open to students and faculty only. However, we want to make sure that all campus visitors can see the work of these students. So, please link to to experience a virtual visit to the Student Union Fine Arts Gallery.

This virtual tour was produced by Manuel Gómez-Navarro. He is currently Adjunct Faculty of Spanish at the University. He has a deep interest in Digital Humanities and currently develops curriculum to use virtual reality in the classroom. Some of his latest projects include producing the Anne Frank Memorial Virtual Tour and working one a digital musealization for the Museo Histórico-Arqueológico de Doña Mencía in Spain.