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Current Exhibitions in SUB Galleries

Due to Summer Break, there are currently no shows exhibiting in the Student Union Building. Shows will return on August 18, 2024.

Upcoming Fall 2024 Exhibitions

[PUH] + [TAY] + [TOH]: August 18 – October 6, 2024

2020-2022 Virtual Tours Give You Access

Covid kept us apart for a couple of years, and we missed you during that time. In case you missed the 2020-2022 Exhibition Seasons, you can still access them through virtual tours. If you would like to visit exhibitions from these seasons, please follow the links below:

Exhibiting in the Student Union Building

we are here to help you

Do You Want to Exhibit in the SUB?

Each year, the University Art Curator opens a call for proposals to exhibit in Student Union Galleries. If you are an artist, maker, or think you would like to be one, please consider the Student Union Building Fine Art Galleries and seek out our current calls for proposals.

Calls for Proposals
in cased you missed it...

Past Exhibitions in the Student Union

Each year, the Student Union Building exhibits 12 shows between the Fine Arts Gallery and the Trueblood Pop Up Gallery. We understand that in this wonderfully creative city, you have many opportunities to visit exhibitions throughout town. If you have needed to skip some of the exhibits at the Student Union Building, we have a list of artists who have shown in the recent past.

Past Exhibitions in the SUB
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