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Current Exhibitions in SUB Galleries


plaster sculpture
Megan White, Touch, plaster and fabric, 2021

Emerging: CWI Capstone Collection

April 19 – May 9, 2021

Student Union Fine Arts Gallery

The CWI Studio Art program promotes the development of artistic skills and practice, craftsmanship, and aesthetic discernment. The AA degree in Studio Art provides students with a foundational understanding of the history of visual culture, provides opportunities to grow as artists, and prepares students who are interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree in art.

The 2021 CWI Capstone celebrates the artistic and academic achievements of these College of Western Idaho Studio Art graduates. Boise State is pleased to host their first professional exhibition and hopes they find a future home at the Center for Visual Arts. 

If you are unable to see the show on campus, please visit where the show will be documented digitally.

Drive To TownPostcard Cover Art for Exhibition

Virtual Tour Here: Tricia Florence Virtual Tour

Student Union Trueblood Pop Up Art Gallery

Living in the woods of northern Idaho, Tricia Florence drives the same 17-mile stretch to town and has driven the same road over the past 29 years. She has taken this routine and turned it into a visual contemplation. Her present body of work presents an abstracted, aerial perspective of places familiar and yet always, in some aspect, unexpected. Creating a visual memory of the drive, she reimagines and recontextualizes trailer houses, cabins, and farms. Through her compositions she provides her audience with a formal meditation on living in rural places. 

Image Credit: Tricia Florence, Back of School, 2018, mixed media on wood panel


2020-2021 Virtual Tours Give You Access

Covid has kept us apart this last year, but we have been thinking about you in the meantime. The 2020-2021 Exhibition Season is available through virtual tours. If you would like to visit exhibitions from this season, please follow the links below:

Postal OutliersPostal Outliers Virtual Tour

Character Development, paintings by Michael Chambers: Michael Chambers Virtual Tour 

Hostile Terrain 94Hostile Terrain 94 at Boise State

Things We Do, photography of Colin Hicks: Colin Hicks Virtual Tour

Objects of Resilience, quarantine works by Boise State Drawing 1 students: Objects of Resilience Virtual Tour

Exhibiting in the Student Union Building

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Do You Want to Exhibit in the SUB?

Each year, the University Art Curator opens a call for proposals to exhibit in Student Union Galleries. If you are an artist, maker, or think you would like to be one, please consider the Student Union Building Fine Art Galleries and seek out our current calls for proposals.

Calls for Proposals
in cased you missed it...

Past Exhibitions in the Student Union

Each year, the Student Union Building exhibits 12 shows between the Fine Arts Gallery and the Trueblood Pop Up Gallery. We understand that in this wonderfully creative city, you have many opportunities to visit exhibitions throughout town. If you have needed to skip some of the exhibits at the Student Union Building, we have a list of artists who have shown in the recent past.

Past Exhibitions in the SUB
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