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2014 Robotics Camp


GameStudio at Boise State University is pleased to announce that it will be holding Robotics Summer Camp 2014. GameStudio is a research institute of the Dept. of Educational Technology @ BSU. This camp has organized a three-week long Robotics Summer Camp.

In this camp, each student would make their robots using Lego NXT kits and they will learn how to make programs which make the robots move, make sounds and say some words! After students get used to manipulate their robots, we will have many mathematical and entertaining activities with the robots. By making robots by themselves and doing various activities with robots, students will improve their creativity and problem-solving ability. This camp is geared toward grade 4-9 students who seek to learn Robotics with robot related games that are lots of fun. Through this camp, participants will be able to grasp an understanding of the concept of robots and programming skill to make robots move, make sounds, and say words. Our pursuit of this program eventually is to improve our students’ creativity and problem-solving ability by making robots and programs by themselves.

Are you looking for a fun, stimulating way to learn robotics skills?

Come join us!

June 9 – June 27, 2014, Mon-Friday 9am-12pm

Boise State University Education Building #220