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2017 Scratch in STEM

In this camp, we will teach Math functions, Science and problem through the use of Scratch programming language by the MIT Media Lab. Participants will learn how to solve problems using functions and science knowledge while making their own games by Scratch programming. This camp is geared toward grade 3-7 students who seek to learn with math and science related games that are lots of fun. Through this camp, participants will be able to grasp an understanding of the concepts of Math functions as well as a structural and systematical programming skill. Our pursuit of this program eventually is to improve our students’ problem solving and logical thinking and to provide participants with the opportunity to apply their knowledge towards creating their own products.

Are you looking for a fun, stimulating way to learn important math skills? Come to join us!

  • June 5 – June 23, 2017. Mon-Friday 10:40am-12:40am
  • Boise State University Education Building #220
  • Camp tuition will cost $195 for 15 units in three weeks. Scholarships available based on need.
  • Class size is limited. Only full payment guarantees your child’s reservation.
  • Contact us for details:

2017 Scratch in STEM Schedule

June 6 MonJune 7 TueJune 8 WedJune 9 ThuJune 10 Fri
Introducing ScratchPutting sounds in ScratchMoving & Dancing a spriteFollowing a mouse pointerGliding a sprite
June 13 MonJune 14 TueJune 15 WedJune 16 ThuJune 17 Fri
Jumping a sprite Spinning with soundsMaking a simple gameMaking a simple animationMaking Hide and Seek Game
June 20 MonJune 21 TueJune 22 WedJune 23 ThuJune 24 Fri
Modifying Hide and Seek GameMaking a Pong gameMaking Catch GameCreating a Virtual PetPresenting your works

Your check should arrive at the below address by May 1.

Dr. Youngkyung Baek
Department of Education Technology
Boise State University 1910 University Dr.,
Boise, ID. 83725-1747

All other inquiries to

A discount rate of $390 is available for students who register for both of ‘Robotics in STEM’ and ‘Scratch in STEM’ camps and for more than two members from one family.