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Signature Authority

Signature authority is granted by the Idaho State Board of Education to the VP/CFO (as the Bursar). Jo Ellen Dinucci currently has this role until an interim VP/CFO is appointed. The VP/CFO can then delegate authority to individuals within the University.

Only University officials that have specifically delegated authority from the VP/CFO may sign contracts obligating the University. Signature authority is specifically delegated by the VP/CFO in accordance with the Contract Policy and policies of State Board of Education (SBOE). University officials cannot execute contracts without express written approval from the VP/CFO. These delegations are limited to specific University Contract types and dollar amounts.

Signing a University Contract without authority may:

  • Render the entire agreement void.
  • May subject the signer to civil and/or criminal liability.
  • May result in disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.

Signature authority comes with responsibility. If you have signature authority, you must not only read the contracts you sign, you must understand the provisions in the contract and, sometimes you must ask that provisions in a contract be added, deleted, or modified.

State law and University policy applies to all contracts, any agreement, obligating the University, including revenue contracts, expense contracts, and “zero dollar” contracts.

If you would like to request signature authority to sign contracts, you may submit a request here.

If you have questions contact the office of Finance and Administration for more information.