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Signature Authority

Boise State University Delegation of Contract Approval and Signature Authority

Only University Officials with duly authorized Signature Authority (“Authorized Officials”) have authority to approve and sign University Contracts. A “University Contract” includes any document or agreement that will result in the creation of an obligation of the University to perform, though action or inaction, and is more specifically defined in Policy 6030 “University Contracts” as a Contract between two or more parties, one of which is the University (or any of its Units), which obligates the University in any manner or is otherwise intended to have a legal effect. Any agreement falling within this definition is a “University Contract” under Boise State Policy regardless of whether the contract is for the expenditure or receipt of funds or services. Authorized Officials may only approve and sign a contract on Boise State’s behalf that is within the scope of their delegated authority, as expressed in the delegations below. For more information regarding University Contracts, please refer to the University’s Contracts Policy (Policy 6030). All Authorized Officials approving or signing University Contracts must comply with the Policy 6030, and other applicable policies, procedures and University guidance. For questions regarding who should sign a University Contract, please contact:

Boise State University is not bound by any agreement, promise, obligation or liability made by an unauthorized individual. Unauthorized persons who approve or sign a University Contract may be subject to discipline and/or may be held personally liable.

Contracts with value of $1 million or greater

**Contracts with value of $1 million or greater may require prior approval from the Executive Director of the State Board of Education.  Contracts with value of $2 million or greater may require prior approval from the State Board of Education, as the governing board of the University.  Certain contract types may require additional approvals as required by University or State Board of Education policies.