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Fraternity and Sorority Life Task Force


How can I be involved?

An invitation was sent to chapter and council leaders to gather names of individuals who will provide unique perspectives on the broad topics we will be addressing. That call produced seven community members who have already accepted the request to participate. Unfortunately, no additional invitations will be sent out at this time.

What’s the timeline?

Starting June 2020, the task force will begin meeting remotely over the summer. Meetings will continue during the fall and conclude at the end of the calendar year.

Is this a step towards a suspension of the Fraternity and Sorority community?

No, it is a step in the direction of assessing the current reality of the community, proposing a set of shared standards, and establishing a plan for a positive community moving into the future.

Why isn’t this a job for an existing group, i.e. councils or the fee advisory board?

An invitation was sent out to chapters and councils to gather a collection of individual experiences happening within our community, granting space for them to have a collective conversation rather than one separated by council.

How are external stakeholders being involved in these conversations?

Chapter advisors, faculty and staff, university administrators, and headquarters staff, will be invited to join the Task Force for specific meetings depending on the topic. Their contributions to the conversation will be important to the mission and work of the Task Force.


If you have any questions about the Task Force, please contact Task Force Chair, Charlie Varland at