The LeaderShape Institute Packing Guidelines

To help you prepare for your LeaderShape Institute experience, we put together a list of clothing items and supplies. While we can provide packing recommendations, only you know what makes you comfortable. Please come prepared.  Also, please do not over-pack: space is limited and you’ll be sharing quarters with other students.

Cell phone use will be permitted, but only during free time (there may be limited reception in some places).
DO NOT BRING a personal computer or any alcoholic beverages.

Necessary Items (for a six- to seven-day trip):
6 pairs of comfortable casual clothes: (shorts, pants, jeans & t-shirts, short sleeve shirts)
6 changes of underwear
6 pairs of socks
1 pair of shoes/sneakers
1 casual belt
1 change of “grungy” clothes for the Team Low initiatives Course Activities (may or may not get dirty)
1 pair of close-toed shoes (sneakers) for the Team Low initiatives Course Activities
1 Blue & Orange or Boise State outfit: (Boise State t-shirt, blue sweater, orange scarf, etc.)
1 pair of pajamas
1 sweatshirt or sweater (It can get cold, even in the air conditioning.)
1 light rain jacket or poncho
1 pair of sunglasses
1 week of prescription medication (if needed)
1 set of personal toiletries: (toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, comb/brush, etc.)
Sleeping Bag/Bed Linens

Optional Items:
iPod/mp3 player/chargers
Personal Snacks

*Medication (allergy, cold, nausea, headache): Bring based on how you feel prior to the leaving.

*Cigarettes will not be available for purchase. If this affects you, plan accordingly.

Questions? Contact Erin Mahn: 426-4239 or