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7-Day Club Challenge

Connect with your members, work on your mission, and help take your club to the next level.


Write down your clubs mission statement/purpose on a sticky and post it where you can see it all week


Brainstorm one (1) virtual activity the club can do this month. Take it a step further and volunteer to make it happen.


Speak (text/email/zoom) with two (2) club members to see how they are doing


Agree on a club hashtag and create a post to build awareness on social media.


Create a google doc with your members to brainstorm ways to improve your club. Then vote on which ones should be a priority for next semester.


Create a buddy system in your club and encourage members to check in and connect at least once a week.


Have you ever thought about running for an officer position? Think about it today, and imagine what you would do to further the club’s mission. 

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