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Re-Registration Process

Each fall, existing student organizations re-register with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to maintain active status. The annual re-registration period typically runs from August through September.


Step 1: Update Engage Portal

Starting in August, a student with administrator rights to your organization’s portal will be able to update your organization’s profile information, choose the level of desired Student Involvement support (we call this a Path), update member roster, and list an advisor (if applicable).

Not sure who your Engage portal administrator is? Has your portal administrator graduated? Other questions about this step? We can help! Contact us at or call (208) 426-1223.

Step 2: Complete Relevant Training

After a student administrator updates your Engage portal, Student Involvement will email instructions to officers to complete any required officer training. Your training will include a short quiz. All officers required to complete training must pass with at least an 80% score in order to complete the re-registration process and receive active status for the year.

Step 3: Advisor Confirmation (if applicable)

Depending on the level of activity and support your organization requests (we call this a Path), it’s possible you may be required to secure a Boise State faculty/staff advisor. Advisors must confirm their role with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center by filling out the Advisor Confirmation Form. Student Involvement will notify your organization if this step applies to you.


"Locked" Organization

If your organization did not fulfill the requirements during the re-registration time frame your status will be changed from “Active” to “Locked.”

What does “Locked” mean?

  • The organization’s Engage portal is “Locked” and will not be visible to the public or be searchable in the organization directory.
  • Any pending event registrations, room reservations, purchase requests, and form submissions will either be denied or canceled.
  • If your organization was awarded an ASBSU grant you will not be able to process a request to spend the funds until the organization regains active status. There is also a possibility that you would need to request an amendment or reapply for the grant altogether.

Can we still register?

Yes! Student Involvement will resume processing annual registration requests during the first business week of each month following the annual registration period.

  • If you started the process but didn’t finish, review the email sent to you listing the items that were still pending to complete your annual registration.
  • Can’t find the email we sent you? Haven’t started the re-registration process? No problem! Simply email to let us know you are still interested in being active and we’ll share instructions to help you complete the re-registration process. 


Looking to start a new organization? You can start a new organization with at least three (3) currently enrolled Boise State students at any point during the year. Visit our How to Start a New Club or Organization page to get started.


To better serve the unique interests, passions, events, and goals of student organizations each group will choose a registration path by selecting the appropriate level of training and support the organization needs to operate successfully.

Use the table below to help your student organization determine the path you wish to take based on your organization’s plans for the year.


No problem, just contact Student Involvement at and let us know which path you would like to change to so that we can share your next steps.


Path 1 organizations operate efficiently with a minimum of three members, meeting regularly to fulfill their organization’s purpose and mission in a manner that doesn’t require them to rely on spending money. Advisors are optional for Path 1 organizations.

Ideal for clubs that:

Organization Requirements and Support

  • President Training
  • Advisor optional


Path 2 organizations operate effectively with a minimum of three members and an advisor. Path 2 organizations often engage members in additional officer positions to successfully fulfill the organization’s mission. These organizations organize small to medium scale events, utilize their on-campus student organization financial account to fund special projects, activities, and group travel. Organizations will sometimes host fundraisers to benefit a charity of choice or to fund their own organization’s needs. Advisors are required for Path 2 organizations.

Ideal for clubs that:

Organization Requirements and Support

  • President Training 
  • Financial Officer Training
  • Vice President Training (optional position)
  • Approved Spender Training (optional position)
  • Advisor required – Advisor completes Advisor Confirmation Form


Path 3 organizations operate within a more complex organizational structure that includes a minimum of 5 members and an advisor to successfully fulfill the organization’s mission. These organizations host signature, large scale, and/or multi-day events, and heavily depend on fundraising and sponsorship efforts to support a philanthropic cause/charity. These organizations also fundraise to fund special projects and activities, travel, and other organization operational needs. Advisors are required for Path 3 organizations.

Ideal for clubs that:

Organization Requirements and Support

  • President Training
  • Vice President Training
  • Financial Officer Training
  • Event/Fundraising Officer Training 
  • Marketing & Promotions Officer Training
  • Approved Spender Training (optional position)
  • In-person event advising with Student Organizations Coordinator
  • Advisor required – Advisor completes Advisor Confirmation Form and attends advisor training