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A GIMM and Visual Arts double major creates the magic in everyday life







Adriel Claflin is graduating with a double major in Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) and Visual Arts at Boise State’s Winter 2022 Commencement, where she has been chosen as one of the College of Innovation and Design Student Marshals.

Student marshals ensure that commencement is a dignified and memorable experience for graduates and their families and friends. During the ceremony, student marshals carry a banner and lead their college’s graduates into the arena, posting the banner once their fellow graduates are seated.

Claflin grew up in Boise, Idaho. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in art and game design since high school and has always been fascinated by the fine detail put into video games.

When deciding on a university to attend, Claflin chose Boise State because of the unique GIMM degree program, offered through the College of Innovation and Design. Claflin has always loved STEAM, which is a combination of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and art. She knew she wanted to be a concept artist for a game studio and didn’t see that type of degree offered at other institutions.

As a concept artist, Claflin first gets verbal descriptions or rough sketches of the concept she needs to portray. She then finalizes her design in Photoshop, using a combination of her imagination and client feedback. One of the biggest challenges she faces is that clients don’t always know how to articulate what they are looking for. Claflin’s skill lies in reading between the lines when necessary and using creativity and imagination to bring the visions to life.

Clafin wishes to thank the GIMM development team, as well as Anthony Ellertson, director of the GIMM program, for the diversity of projects she has had the opportunity to explore, and the resulting portfolio she has developed in her four years at Boise State.

What advice would she give to a student starting out at Boise State?

“Make as many friends as you can in an area that you are passionate about and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Claflin said.

Adriel Claflin Legend of Zelda Cosplay
Adriel Claflin Legend of Zelda Cosplay

In her time as a student, Claflin participated in the Lightsaber Club and the Dungeons and Dragons Club. Claflin expressed that fantasy, sci-fi and fantastic worlds inspire her concept art and help her to see magic in everyday life as she turns a concept or idea into reality. Some games and movies that inspire her art include: Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Dungeons and Dragons.

Following graduation, Claflin plans to find a game studio to work with as a concept artist, but is also open to the idea of freelancing.

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