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Prospective Students

Interested in becoming a Mobile App Developer, Video Game Designer, or Web Developer?

… if you are, the door is open!

GIMM prepares you to create the experiences that manage the technology in our work and personal lives. Professionals routinely interact with online tutorials, websites, tablets, smart phones, and video streaming, and

Door entering the GIMM Lab

the GIMM major provides you with the skills to execute work in all of these areas.

Well, how does it work?

GIMM is a major. Just like any other, such as Communications or Biology, it is a mapped-out degree plan in an established field of study. However, it demands a work ethic and produces skills that are anything but ordinary!

To receive a degree in GIMM means hard work, great time management, and a passion for building out some¬†serious games.¬†You’ll have fun, no doubt, (did somebody say Super Smash Bros. in the GIMM Lab on Fridays)? And you’ll make some incredible friends in your GIMM cohort. Our goal is to equip you in the best way, with the strongest skills, for one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

We know, it sounds pretty great, but maybe you need some more information?

Check out the resources on the right to get a better idea of what makes GIMM so vital to gaining a competitive edge in skills demanded by the industry, what makes it such a fast-growing job market, some perspective from a current GIMM student, and the most up-to-date degree path.